Cyclist illustration process

I’ve been admiring the work of Nat Andrewson lately, and really wanting to make my own RISO print. But… we’re in lockdown. I had a quick Google and found some RISO Procreate brushes from Tiptop brushes, and gave ‘em a spin. It came with a colour palette so I had a look at how they combined:

RISO colour combinations

Then took a character from one of my previous pieces and experimented with adding the brushes and colours from the pack:

Travel illustration RISO cyclist version 1 RISO cyclist version 2 RISO cyclist version 3 RISO cyclist version 4

She looked a bit too much like a downhill cyclist, here’s the final gal all straightened up.

RISO cyclist version 5

I just wish I looked this cool on my bike. My Halfords hybrid bike was excellent value but absolutely no hipster points.