Becoming the perfect human: illustration process

Becoming the perfect human

The brief

Becoming the perfect human

The editor of the magazine sent over this paragraph to describe the article. I immediately thought of my experiences with a Fitbit - obsessively tracking everything, even doing steps and star jumps around the room to “earn” a beer at one point. This was about 6 years ago and I’ve since learned Fitbits are not for me… Anyway, my concept was about tracking, dials and screens.

Initial sketch and digital version

Becoming the perfect human Becoming the perfect human

I went with an idea of a small figure desperately struggling to keep all the metrics, dials and gauges at the correct level; trying to optimise their body.

Second version

Becoming the perfect human

I dabbled with putting the figure on a precarious stepladder, to make them feel really out of control. But then I decided to integrate the figure with the panel, to drive home the point about the character monitoring themselves. The client preferred this approach, so we ended up with…

Final illustration

Becoming the perfect human

You can check out the illustration in situ on the Mood magazine website - the article got tweaked to discuss self-improvement in isolation/lockdown, but our character still fits! Read it here.

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